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The history of the Siamese cat is astounding.  It can be traced back to 1878 when the first Siamese was sent to America from Bangkok, by a U.S. Diplomat named "Sickles".  The ownership was between President Hayes' wife, her 12 year old Fanny and their beloved Siamese "Siam" .  In Thailand the Siamese were revered and believed to be good luck.  They lived in Palaces and were treated like Royalty.  From these cats came the Balinese, the long haired Siamese resulting from a natural mutation in the Siamese hair length.  They are not two different breeds, but the same breed distinguished by coat length.  We are proud to be part of the recorded history of these exquisite and Royal felines and we are excited to have you be part of their Royal family as well~~~

Welcome to "Provenance", a  TICA, CFA and CFF registered Old Style Siamese and Old Style Balinese cattery.  We maintain a small program with just one to two litters per year of registered purebred Balinese and Siamese.  

We will be introducing the THAI cat this year in 2015.    Thais are short haired
, color pointed  Siamese cats.  They are registered with TICA as Thai and with CFF as Old Style Siamese.  Thais can be shown in the show hall!!  If you are interested in showing, please ask.  We would love to guide you through your first show!

We offer all four traditional colors, Lilac, 
Chocolate, Seal and Blue as well as Lynx points, Tortie points and Reds.  Lynx points, Torties and Reds are sometimes referred to as Color points or Javanese as that is how their colors are distinguished from the four traditional colors in some registries.  They are still Siamese but with a different color.

Do not be fooled, here in the USA Balinese do not have white feet.  If you find one with white feet this is not a purebred Balinese.  

 We are dedicated to providing you with the most exquisitely beautiful, genetically sound, healthy and socialized kittens we can.  We are dedicated to maintaining the beautiful standards of the Old Style Balinese cats, also known as "apple heads", or "Traditional".  None of our cats are caged and spend their days underfoot,with us, from birth to the time they go to their new families.  Our kittens are never alone for extended periods of time.  Our Cats are genetically tested for PRA and fecal cultured for parasites and bacterias prior to breeding.  We are FeLV and FIV negative.  
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